Searching for technical jobs in San Diego, South California

sandiego1A sunny retiree community and a paradise for surf lovers; that’s still the image of San Diego for many people.

But that’s an image of 30 years ago. Modern San Diego is much more than just a small community of retirees and a great surf center.

San Diego is now a great innovation center in biotechnology, with hundreds of mid-sized biotech firms – and some giants such as Amylin Pharmaceuticals.

In other words: if you are looking for a job in this part of California, and if you are in the biotech and pharmaceutical sector, San Diego offers a wealth of opportunities.

Obviously, where there are thousands of well-paid technical jobs there are also many times more jobs in other sectors – from “unskilled” jobs such as hairdressers, waiters, carpenters and drivers, to jobs in the education and health services sectors.

Bottom line: there are many jobs in these last areas too, in modern San Diego

Anyway, that’s not just in the biotech sector that San Diego leads. San Diego is also an interesting innovation hub in the electronic hardware for telecommunications. You will find a number of jobs in this industry cluster too.

Where to start your search for jobs in San Diego?

For technical jobs, go to the sites of local companies, and look for their current job opportunities. Take a look at the following directories:

Biopharm Companies in San Diego and South California
San Diego Biotechnology Network (list of companies and organizations in the San Diego area).

Consider also the main organizations behind many of the biotech firms:
Scripps Research Institute
Salk Institute
San Diego University of California.

For Telecommunications Technician Jobs in San Diego, California, you may take a look at Monster

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